Taxation and sending tax cards to the unemployment fund

Unemployment Fund Pro receives tax information that enters into force on 1 February 2024 directly from the Tax Administration. Thus, it is not necessary to send your tax card to the unemployment fund (provided that you have been a member of Unemployment Fund Pro in January 2023). We will use the 2023 tax card in January.

Please send your revised tax card to the unemployment fund if you have applied for a change to your withholding tax. 

You may need a new tax card when you start receiving earnings-related daily allowance. However, your tax rate might not go down even if your income is lower than your previous earned income. The reason for this is that the same tax deductions cannot be made to earnings-related daily allowance. When you apply for a revised tax card for the payment of a benefit by the unemployment fund withholding tax is paid in accordance with the withholding tax rate indicated in the tax card, even if it is less than 25 percent. The withholding tax rate in revised tax cards granted for wages is always at least 25 percent*.

You can conveniently order a revised tax card from the MyTax online service. You can use the online service to either print out your tax card or have it sent directly to the Unemployment fund Pro. If you order a revised tax card  to be electronically sent directly to Unemployment Fund Pro, the unemployment fund receives the tax card on the following business day.

You will need online banking credentials, a mobile certificate or a microchip ID card to log in to the Tax Administration’s online service.
*According to a decision issued by the Tax Administration on 20 November 2023, withholding tax is at least 25 percent if the member receives unemployment allowance or job alternation compensation and the withholding tax rate has been determined based on wages.

Transition security allowance

Tax is withheld according to the additional tax rate specified in your wage income tax card, so you should consider requesting a revised tax card for the allowance. If you submit or ask the tax authorities to submit a revised tax card to the unemployment fund for the allowance, tax is withheld according to the basic rate specified in the revised tax card.  

It is advisable to check your taxation in the autumn

If you receive earnings-related daily allowance, we recommend that you make sure in the autumn that your income limit is sufficient for the remainder of the year. If you notice that the limit is not sufficient you should order a revised tax card for the rest of the year. When assessing your income, note that the payment date determines the year of taxation. For example, if the payment date of the earnings-related daily allowance for December 2023 is in January the allowance will be taxed in 2024. Note that if you apply for a revised tax card for the remainder of the year, we will use the revised tax card for the withholding tax of earnings related daily allowance paid in January, unless you apply for a new revised tax card at the start of the year.