Joining the unemployment fund

Employees within the scope of application of the Unemployment Security Act who are less than 68 years of age can become members of Unemployment Fund Pro. Unemployed persons may not join the unemployment fund because they do not meet the condition of being an employee. It is also not possible to become a member during unpaid periods, such as a lay-off or child care leave, even if you have a valid employment relationship.

A person whose living is considered to be based on income earned by working for another party is regarded as an employee. A member of the unemployment fund cannot simultaneously be a member of another unemployment fund.
A written application for becoming a member of the unemployment fund must be submitted to the unemployment fund or a person or group of representatives authorised to manage memberships.

Membership of the unemployment fund begins on the day of receipt of the written membership application, provided that membership fees have been paid starting from that date. If the payment of membership fees starts from a later date the membership of the unemployment fund starts on that date.

You can become a member of Trade Union Pro and Unemployment Fund Pro by submitting an electronic membership application. When you join Trade Union Pro you also become a member of Unemployment Fund Pro. The membership fee is 1.25 % of earned income subject to withholding tax, which includes the membership fee of Unemployment Fund Pro.

You can become a member of only Unemployment Fund Pro by submitting an Unemployment Fund Pro membership application. The membership fee of Unemployment Fund Pro is EUR 7,5 per month 2024

For more information on all matters related to membership, please call our telephone service at (09) 1727 3440, Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 2 pm.