Self-motivated study

Self-motivated study is an employment promoting service. It is possible to engage in self-motivated study supported with earnings-related daily allowance if you are at least 25 years old and registered as an unemployed jobseeker with the TE Office. Self-motivated study is agreed on with the TE Office in your employment plan or a substitute plan. The TE Office will assesses whether the self-motivated study is appropriate, i.e. whether it promotes your employment prospects.

You must study on a full-time basis. Studies are considered to be full-time studies if they are aimed at completing a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree, for example. Full-time studies may also include other forms of study, such as upper secondary school studies intended for young people and studies the extent of which is at least five study credits or three study weeks per month or 25 hours per week on average. It is recommended that you discuss different study options with a staff member of the TE Office.

The unemployment fund will pay you earnings-related daily allowance for the duration of your studies if you have met the working condition and you have not reached the maximum payment period of daily allowance. Earnings-related daily allowance can be paid increased with the earnings-related part for up to 200 days. It is possible to start the studies during your notice period, but you will not receive earnings-related daily allowance until after your employment has ended if there is no other obstacle to payment. You must keep your job search active for the entire duration of your studies.

During your studies, you should apply for earnings-related daily allowance in periods of four calendar weeks. You can use the same application form as when applying for earnings-related daily allowance during unemployment.

Earnings-related daily allowance can be paid for a period of up to 24 months of studies, but the payment must be in compliance with the 400-day maximum period if you are entitled to earnings-related daily allowance for 400 days. Any holidays between studies are included in the 24-month maximum period. The TE Office will keep track of the 24-month maximum period. If you have not finished your studies when you reach the maximum payment period of daily allowance you can apply for labour market subsidy from Kela for the remainder of your studies. Labour market subsidy can be paid for the remainder of your studies if the employment plan or substitute plan drawn up with the TE Office states that your studies are to continue.

You are not entitled to the expense allowance for the duration of your studies, even if the self-motivated study is considered to be an employment promoting service.

If you work during your studies and meet the 26-week working condition your daily allowance will not be reset while you study. The allowance will be reset when you end your studies.