Applying for job alternation compensation

You can apply for job alternation compensation from the unemployment fund if you have been a member of the fund for at least 26 weeks before the start of your leave. The application for job alternation compensation is available via the unemployment fund’s electronic services. The attachments to be sent with the application include the agreement on job alternation leave and any revised tax card. Furthermore, some additional attachments may be requested to be sent with the application depending on your situation.

You can submit your application for job alternation compensation via the unemployment fund’s electronic services after the start of your job alternation leave. The amount of job alternation compensation is calculated based on at least 52 weeks of earned income received from full months preceding the job alternation leave. If possible, the unemployment fund will use information obtained from the Incomes Register, but supplementation may need to be requested. Certain payments, such as holiday bonuses, are deducted from the taxable income. Seniority allowances, performance bonuses and other incentives and bonuses are allocated to the period during which they were earned. The unemployment fund will obtain your pension record from the Finnish Centre for Pensions on your behalf.

Your first job alternation compensation can be paid within about three weeks of the start of your leave, because the compensation is always paid in arrears. The first payment usually covers 5 to 10 days of compensation. After this, the job alternation compensation is paid every four weeks in arrears. The payment date is Friday. The compensation is paid automatically, and you do not need to separately apply for it after the initial application for job alternation compensation (including attachments) has been submitted to the unemployment fund.

Job alternation compensation will not be paid for a period of more than 3 months prior, which means that the application for job alternation compensation should reach the unemployment fund within three months of the start of the leave.

You must notify the unemployment fund without delay of any changes to your job alternation leave, such as interruption of the leave or employment.