Electronic services instructions

Unemployment Fund Pro has an electronic service system that is available to its members. The electronic services can be used for viewing and updating your personal and payment information, communicating with employees of the unemployment fund and submitting daily allowance applications (all) and attachments, among other things. Use of the service is free of charge to all members.

You can find a more detailed description of the service in the instructions below.


You can log in to the electronic services via the suomi.fi website by using online banking credentials, a mobile certificate or a certificate card. If you are unable to log in using online banking credentials or a certificate card check the website of your bank to see if they have published a notice about an outage in their services and try again later. If you have trouble with a mobile certificate check for any maintenance or fault outages on the website of your operator. Check the approved browsers from the website of your bank (e.g. Internet Explorer might not work).

Home page

The information shown on the home page of membership services includes the user’s name and most recent items (payments, decisions, application data, messages). The home page also includes topical news and links.

Processing status of applications

You can view the progress of your application from the “Käsittelyseuranta” section. Processing statuses:

“arrived” = the application has been received by the unemployment fund, but it has not yet been processed

“processing” = the processing of the application has started (possible requests for supplementation if the application has been incomplete)

“completed” = the application has been processed, any payment has been recorded and any decision issued.

Applications submitted electronically can be viewed in “Käsittelyseuranta” approximately half an hour after the application has been sent.

Personal information

Contact information

You can view your contact details in the “Yhteystiedot” section. Contact information can be updated by clicking the “Päivitä yhteystietoja” button. Updated information comes into effect after it has been approved by the unemployment fund. Until then, the page will read "Muutetut tiedot odottavat käsittelyä".

In the “viestintä” section of the contact information page, you can select whether you want letters from the unemployment fund to be sent to you electronically. There are three different services to select:

E-mail notifications: If you select this service you will be sent an e-mail notification every time a new message or letter has been sent to you.

SMS payment notification: If you select this service you will be notified of the payment date by an SMS sent to your mobile phone. The payment notification can be viewed an printed from the “Maksut” section of electronic services. The service requires that the unemployment fund knows your mobile phone number.

Electronic letters: All letters can only be viewed via electronic services and you will not receive any letters on paper, with the exception of letters related to claims for recovery which are currently sent by post.

Membership fees

You can view paid membership fees in the “Jäsenmaksut” section.

Tax information

The “Verotiedot” section shows your tax information.


Benefits paid

In the “Maksetut etuudet” section you can view the benefits paid to you and print or inspect payment notifications.


Any decisions (approved and declined) issued to you can be viewed in the “Päätökset” section. You can view detailed information about the selected decision by clicking on the “Päätösnumero” link.

Number of days paid

In the “Maksettujen päivien määrä” section you can view how many days you have accumulated towards the maximum payment period.


The “Lausunnot” section shows labour policy statements provided by the TE Office. You can view detailed information about the selected statement by clicking on the link.

Daily allowance calculator

The daily allowance calculator allows you to experiment on the rate of daily allowance in different situations.


In the “Viestintä” section, you can send and receive messages to and from unemployment fund employees who process applications and view letters sent by the unemployment fund.

Logging out

After clicking the “Lopeta” button to log out, you should clear your cache and browsing history. The links “Välimuisti” and “Historiatiedot” provide instructions for clearing you cache and browsing history.


The telecommunications of the service are protected with 128-bit SSL encryption, which is commonly also used by banks. If you are using the electronic services of the unemployment fund on a public computer or a computer belonging to another person you should always clear browser cookies, cache/temporary files and browsing history after use. This is also a recommended precaution when using your own computer.

Supported operation systems:

- iOS-käyttöjärjestelmä: suosituksena käyttää iOS 13.1 tai uudempia versioita
- MAC-käyttöjärjestelmä
- Windows-käyttöjärjestelmä. suosituksena käyttää Windows 10
- Android-käyttöjärjestelmä

Supported browsers:

- Firefox
- Chrome
- Safari: 13.1 or higher
- Edge: Chrominum based